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LogicSupport Review (20/09/09)

Please check out the new series of logicsupport reviews.

New Expansion (03/04/09)

LogicSupport is proud to announce that we have completed 5 years in operation and at an overrall staff strength of over 50, we continue to expand and offer some of the best support services available!

New Semi Dedicated Plans (04/01/09)

You are not ready for hiring your own dedicated techs yet? Please check out our new semi dedicated plans. They are sure to meet your needs and help reduce your support costs without compromising quality.

Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

LogicSupport.com is proud to offer professional, friendly, and affordable outsourced technical support for your hosting company. Our team of highly trained administrators is available 24 hours a day to handle any issue that you or your clients may encounter. LogicSupport.com currently offers 3 different support plans that are sure to meet the specific needs of you and your company.

Per Ticket Support:

This plan is geared toward hosting companies that are just starting out or those who have little support volume through their help desk. You simply purchase a certain number of tickets and we handle the rest. [More Information]

Per Server Support:

This plan is geared for hosting companies that have at least one dedicated server with clients who require technical support. The price for supporting a hosting company on this plan is derived from how many servers the hosting company requires us to manage. [More Information]

VPS Support:

This plan is geared for hosting companies and resellers who make use of VPS technology. We offer custom quotes for all VPS plans because there can be many variables in the plans total cost. Please use the following link for more details. [More Information]

Semi-Dedicated Support:

If you demand faster response times and have high ticket volume, but are not quite ready for a fully dedicated team, then this plan is for you. We offer a wide range depending on your company's specific needs. [More Information]

Dedicated Tech/Team Support:

When a hosting company outgrows the other support plans, and is receiving a significant number of tickets, it is likely time for them to elect the "Dedicated Tech/Team". This plan will provide your hosting company with a dedicated technician, or an entire team, who's sole job is to handle your support issues. [More Information]