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LogicSupport Review (20/09/09)

Please check out the new series of logicsupport reviews.

New Expansion (03/04/09)

LogicSupport is proud to announce that we have completed 5 years in operation and at an overrall staff strength of over 50, we continue to expand and offer some of the best support services available!

New Semi Dedicated Plans (04/01/09)

You are not ready for hiring your own dedicated techs yet? Please check out our new semi dedicated plans. They are sure to meet your needs and help reduce your support costs without compromising quality.

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Server Security Details:

Phase I Security - Only $59.95:
The Phase I Security plan will cover all of the basic security requirements to help protect your server. LogicSupport.com will install and configure a custom firewall, check for rootkits, and even harden system files. This is the perfect plan for someone on a budget who is still concerned about security.

  • » Install and configure Firewall (APF or CSF, based on request)
  • » Install and configure rootkit detection software
  • » Scan and harden /tmp /var/tmp directories
  • » Extended Binary Hardening
  • » PAM Resource Limiting
  • » Inetd hardening
  • » Install Brute Force Detection software
  • » Tweak MySQL
  • » Host.conf & Sysctl Hardening
  • » Secure root login
  • » Change sshd default port
  • » Secure named configuration
  • » Ftp server high level port securing using kernel module
  • » Compile PHP to the Latest Stable Version
  • » Php Open_Basedir Tweak
  • » PHP Hardening (Tweak php.ini & Disabling of insecure PHP functions)
  • » Remove insecure packages and unnecessary softwares
  • » Upgrade Installed Softwares to the latest version
  • » Install Mod_security apache module with latest custom rules

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Phase II Security - Only $69.95:
If you are getting serious about protecting your machine, then Phase II is a great choice. With the installation and configuration of even more security features and programs, your machine will be better equipped to fight off most attacks. This plan includes all of the items listed above as well as all of the additional items listed below:

  • » Includes Phase 1 from above +
  • » Mailmon - Sendmail monitor
  • » ClamAV - Antivirus toolkit
  • » Chkformmailver
  • » Implement Forge Helo protection
  • » Install Exim Dictionary Attack ACL
  • » Setup RBL integrated with major Spam databases
  • » SARE and RAZOR integration with Spamassassin
  • » Install & Configure MRTG
  • » Install PhpSysinfo
  • » Implement extended mail logging
  • » Libsafe installation
  • » Tripwire setup
  • » Optimize Apache,Mysql and PHP
  • » Kernel Update (Grsecurity optional)

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Phase III Security - Only $99.95:
The pinnacle of our security plans is Phase III. This plan supplies you with the tools to make sure that your machine is hardened, and will detour nearly all server hacking attempts. We are sure that our handpicked list of features will contribute to a reliable, stable, and secure server for your clients. We even take time to help your system fight SPAM by installing MailScanner for you. This plan includes all of the installations listed above plus all of the additional items listed below.

  • » Includes Phase 1 & 2 from above +
  • » Install PSAD - Port Scan Detector
  • » Install LSM - Linux Socket monitor
  • » Install NSIV - Network Socket Inode Validation
  • » Installation and configuration of SNORT with ACID
  • » AIDE installation and configuration
  • » Install PRM - Process resource monitor
  • » Install SPRI - System priority configuration
  • » Install SIM - System Integrity Monitor
  • » Install LES - Linux Environment Security
  • » Install Munin
  • » Install Cacti (optional)
  • » Install WhoCompiled - Check for compiler usage
  • » Install Watchmysql - Check and limit mysql usage
  • » Installation of Nobody Check
  • » Install Nessus vulnerability Scanner (optional)
  • » Logwatch installation and configuration
  • » Logrotater Installation and configuration
  • » mod_evasive Installation and configuration
  • » Install MyTOP
  • » Iftop Installation and configuration
  • » Install Eaccelerator
  • » Install ZendOptimizer

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System Audits - Only $19.95:
LogicSupport.com will audit your system to make sure that things are running properly. We can do this as often as you like for a one time fee each time, or you may choose to have a monthly subscription to this service which is done on a weekly basis. Please note that you will receive a full report after the audit has been conducted.

  • » Scan for root kit on the server
  • » Check logs and block all suspect ips
  • » Check server load and partitions to perform maintenance activities
  • » Check /proc for hidden or unwanted processes
  • » Clean up unwanted files from /tmp
  • » Scan server for *.c or binary files (which have possible security issues)
  • » Scan for Trojan Horses
  • » Set cron jobs to remove log files rotated up to 3 or upwards (space saving measures)
  • » Check tcp connections and make sure no unwanted ips or ports are listed
  • » Scan and clean the mail queue for viruses and SPAM
  • » Monthly subscription to weekly scans - $24.95/mo

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Server Presets with Full Security - Only $59.95:
The first few steps you take while deploying a new server can save you time and money in the long run. An incorrectly configured server can make or break your relationship with your clients. If you are starting off with your first server or plan to add one more to your list of servers, and you are too busy selling, here is the plan for you. Leave it to our server management experts who will help you to deploy this server fully ready for production. Start selling without worrying about the server setup.

  • » Cpanel/Plesk server presets
  • » Server presets are performed on the new servers before you start selling.
  • » Our Cpanel/Plesk experts will do all the initial configurations including backups, IP setup, servername setup and a host of other functionalities.
  • » This price also include free phase I security installation.
  • » Free weekly security scan and monitoring for one month.

*For other control panels, request a custom quote Order Now
Other Information:
Please note that we also do custom installation and system administration as well. If you feel there is a product that you would like installed on your server, and it is compatible with the list presented above, then we will happily install and configure it for you. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us directly.