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LogicSupport Review (20/09/09)

Please check out the new series of logicsupport reviews.

New Expansion (03/04/09)

LogicSupport is proud to announce that we have completed 5 years in operation and at an overrall staff strength of over 50, we continue to expand and offer some of the best support services available!

New Semi Dedicated Plans (04/01/09)

You are not ready for hiring your own dedicated techs yet? Please check out our new semi dedicated plans. They are sure to meet your needs and help reduce your support costs without compromising quality.

Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

Review 1:

Another Name of Gems... Read More

Review 2:

I have used logic support for the last several years for my dedicated server monitoring and support. They have always solved my problems quickly, usually without me having to do a lot of intervention or explaining. Their prices very reasonable, and it only makes sense for me to outsource that kind of thing, especially with 24/7 monitoring... Read More

Review 3:

I suggest you to go with logicsupport.com, they are simply amazing guys, highly trained techs, very friendly, proactive... Read More

Review 4:

After looking for several server administration companies, we found logicsupport.com to be what we needed. They really gives us a fast responses, quality admin work for a great price. They have admins, who really know, what they are doing. We can highly recommend them.... Read More

Review 5:

We have been using LogicSupport for the last 5 months and have had a wonderful experience dealing with the management down to the techs. We currently have 4 dedicated level three techs and we plan to double in the next 2 months. The techs are very friendly, fluent in English language, and very knowledgeable in their area... Read More

Review 6:

I've been using LogicSupport for three months now, and they have provided 24/7 ticket outsourcing services to me. I've always been cautious with outsourcing companies, as I have little control over the ticket responses which are sent out. Therefore, I regularly check up on tickets, ratings and response times in order to ensure that clients are being served to their satisfaction... Read More

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