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LogicSupport Review (20/09/09)

Please check out the new series of logicsupport reviews.

New Expansion (03/04/09)

LogicSupport is proud to announce that we have completed 5 years in operation and at an overrall staff strength of over 50, we continue to expand and offer some of the best support services available!

New Semi Dedicated Plans (04/01/09)

You are not ready for hiring your own dedicated techs yet? Please check out our new semi dedicated plans. They are sure to meet your needs and help reduce your support costs without compromising quality.

Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

All members of the LogicSupport.com team are highly trained and are ready to meet the needs of even the most demanding hosting companies. We take extreme care in supporting our clients with any of the various support and administration solutions we offer. LogicSupport.com is proud to provide the following lists of our specific expertise.

Operating Systems:

Fedora Linux
CentOS Linux
Control Panels:

cPanel & WHM
Web Admin
Direct Admin

Server - Common Support Issues:

httpd.conf problems
named problems
Stats Issues
Password Protection Issues
All Mime Types Issues
Apache Handler Issues
All IP blocking Issues
.htaccess Errors
HostName Lookups
Hotlinking Issues

FTP - Common Support Issues

Anonymous Ftp Issues
FTP Password Issues
FTP Virtual Host Issues
All FTP Configurations
FTP Session Controls
FTP Account Creation

Database - Common Support Issues

Creating Databases
Managing Databases
DB User Creation
DB Password Maintenance
Script Connectivity Issues
All Database Access Issues
Database Configurations
All Secure Certificate Issues

Email - Common Support Issues

Mailing List Maintenance
Autoresponder Issues
Mailbox Permission Issues
Spam Activity Control
Procmail and .forward Issues
Webmail Client Setup
POP Client Setup
POP Authorization Config
POP & SMTP Server Issues
Sendmail, Qmail, Exim Issues

DNS - Common Support Issues:

Redirect URL Issues
Domain Parking Issues
Add-on Domain Issues
MX Record Modification
Name Server Creation
Correcting All Other Zone Issues

Security - Common Support Issues:

Log Checking
IP Blacklisting
All Spam Fighting Issues
Custom Firewall Issues
Raw Log Issues
Update Statistics Issues
Analog & Webalizer Support
PortScanning Issues

Scripting - Common Support Issues:

Sendmail and Formmail Issues
PHP updates and Configurations
CGI Script/Perl Issues
Permissions Issues
Database Connections
Internal Server Errors
Trouble-shoot Basic Scripts

FrontPage - Common Support Issues:

All Frontpage Mail Extension Issues
All .htaccess Issues
Manual Removal and Installations
Password Maintenance
Author Permission Issues
Basic User Configuration