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LogicSupport Review (20/09/09)

Please check out the new series of logicsupport reviews.

New Expansion (03/04/09)

LogicSupport is proud to announce that we have completed 5 years in operation and at an overrall staff strength of over 50, we continue to expand and offer some of the best support services available!

New Semi Dedicated Plans (04/01/09)

You are not ready for hiring your own dedicated techs yet? Please check out our new semi dedicated plans. They are sure to meet your needs and help reduce your support costs without compromising quality.

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Per Server Plan:

LogicSupport.com's new "Per Server" plans are a very affordable way to outsource your support requests to a friendly, highly skilled, and professional team of engineers on a per machine basis. These plans includes unlimited tickets and supports servers with up to 500 clients maximum, depending on the plan that you choose. We also include our server monitoring services along with this plan so you may rest easy knowing that we are taking care of all of your support needs.

Option 1 - Only $139.95/mo/server

  • » 24x7x365 Support Coverage
  • » Costs are based on number of servers
  • » Replies appear from your company
  • » Guaranteed 1 hour response time
  • » Guaranteed 4 hour resolution time
  • » Can handle pre-sales questions
  • » No "canned" responses
  • » Bulk Discounts on servers
  • » Maximum of 350 accounts per server
  • » Basic Monitoring Service [More]

Option 2 - Only $179.95/mo/server

  • » All of the features listed above plus:
  • » Maximum of 500 accounts per server
  • » 3 free hours of administration per month
  • » Full Phase 3 server security [More]
  • » Includes Intermediate Monitoring Service [More]

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